Paralegal Class - Assignment ExampleSince it is a legal firm, they are also required to have excellent communication skills. Since the law firm is a very busy environment, they should also have the ability to multi-task, meet strict deadlines and also have to be flexible to work at odd hours. I find this job advertisement interesting because they place emphasis on fresh graduates with hardly any experience in order to mold them to be what the company needs. The notice was found in an easy internet search.Checks and balances are put in place to make sure that each of the three arms of the government, the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, does not have too much power. For instance, article two section 4 states that the president, the vice president and other civil officials shall be removed from power if they are proven guilty of any acts of corruption. The president or the civil servants do not have the power to absolve themselves of the acts of crime should the congress decide to impeach them (Article 2 Section 2).

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